Publications PANESOES


1.-Vioque J, Barber X, Bolumar F, Porta M, Santibáñez M, de la Hera MG, Moreno-Osset E; PANESOES Study Group. Esophageal cancer risk by type of alcohol drinking and smoking: a case-control study in Spain. BMC Cancer. 2008 Aug 1;8:221.

2.-Santibañez M, Vioque J, Alguacil J, Barber X, García de la Hera M, Kauppinen T; PANESOES Study Group. Occupational exposures and risk of oesophageal cancer by histological type: a case-control study in eastern Spain. Occup Environ Med. 2008 Nov;65(11):774-81.

3.-Morales E, Porta M, Vioque J, López T, Mendez MA, Pumarega J, Malats N, Crous-Bou M, Ngo J, Rifà J, Carrato A, Guarner L, Corominas JM, Real FX; PANKRAS II Study Group. Food and nutrient intakes and K-ras mutations in exocrine pancreatic cancer. J Epidemiol Community Health. 2007 Jul;61(7):641-9.

4.-Mendez MA, Vioque J, Porta M, Morales E, López T, Malats N, Crous M, Gómez LI; PANKRAS II Study Group. Estimating dietary intakes from a brief questionnaire: A simulation study of reliability in a molecular epidemiologic study of pancreatic and biliary diseases. Eur J Epidemiol. 2006;21(6):417-26.

5.-Porta M, Vioque J, Ayude D, Alguacil J, Jariod M, Ruiz L, Murillol JA. Coffee drinking: the rationale for treating it as a potential effect modifier of carcinogenic exposures. Eur J Epidemiol. 2003;18(4):289-98.


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